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Fundraising made zen.

Nonprofits using DonorZen raise an average of 30% more!

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The tools you need, for the causes that need you.

Support your supporters, support your staff and sustain your campaigns.

You get all these great features without paying an extra cent:

  • Text-2-Give
  • Credit card donations
  • Automatic donation reconciliation
  • Automatic tax-deductible receipts
  • Easy and secure donation forms
  • Matching campaigns
  • Recurring donations
  • 48-hour bank account settlements
  • Mobile administration app
  • Flexible CRM

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It's time to grow your reach.

We believe low fees will lead to higher impact. That's why we want to offer you an amazing donation platform for free.

Our platform is absolutely free.

Our competitors charge you a platform fee on top of your processing costs, but we won't. There's only a card processing fee that gets lower the more you process.

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Raise more, do more.

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Donating should be zenful.

The DonorZen Difference

Our number one goal is to make managing your online donations and keeping up with 501(c)(3) exemption requirements easy. Every tool we provide you contributes to that goal.

Automatically see which donations belong to what bank account transaciton with our automated settlement reports. Automatically send tax-deductible email receipts.

With 20+ tools and counting, the power is in your hands.

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We've helped them - we want to help you, too!

The Light Up Hawaii campaign had just 48 hours to raise $150,000. The small community center raised money once a year and relied on the generosity of their donors to continue providing food, support, and shelter to various visitors.

Using DonorZen they raised not just their $150,000 goal, but also met their bonus goal of $200,000 in just 48 hours!

You're mobile and on the go - so are we!

Manage your campaigns and record donations directly from your phone with our iOS app!

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Our products have helped more than 300 nonprofits raise over


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